Help With Apartment Cleaning Tips

My boyfriend and I are living in a downstairs 2 bedroom apartment with our son in suffolk county long island. We have cleaned this place up so nicely, steam cleaned the bathroom, painted all the walls, repainted the ceilings white, fixed broken tiles in the bathroom, cleaned up the yard and made a little garden etc. We were told by the landlord that one lady with ONE small dog lived upstairs for the past 5 years and sometimes had her friend, along with her dog over. There are now 4 people who have been upstairs living or staying with her for WEEKS along with 5 dogs. FIVE DOGS?! They sometimes stomp with their shoes on until 3 in the morning while the dogs run and chase them or bark. We are supposed to share a yard together and they have littered it with cigarette butts (ridiculous amounts) and dog .

Our entrance-way is through the backyard and right in front of my door right now there is dog . Also they flooded the toilet upstairs and ruined 2 of my rugs. We have already tried to talk to her but she is either insane or just a lazy pig who isnt afraid of getting kicked out since shes been there for so long. We are going to talk to the landlord for the 3rd time today but is there anything legallly we can do to make this stop?? Our rent is month to month and we would move if it wasnt conveniently by the train station and we could actually find something for this price somewhere nearby but its unfortunately not possible right now!! help!!

thank u


I have a 2 year old cat who I’ve had since he was a kitten. When I first got him, he knew instinctively to use the litter box and never had any accidents. We’ve just moved in to a new place and now he won’t use the litter box at all – he’s decided my bed and my 3 couches are all much more fun.

I think he’s just acting out because of the stress of moving, but waking up 3 nights in a row to him peeing on my blankets (and last night, the quilt my grandma made for me before she died) is getting to be too much. I end up having to wash all my bedding every night and sleeping curled up and shivering on a bare mattress.

My plan was to put him in the bathroom with food, water, toys, one of my shirts (to snuggle) and the litter box and go check on him every once in a while to see if he’s used the litter box. If he has, he gets treats and snuggles. If he’s gone somewhere else, I clean it up and walk out without looking at or touching him (so he doesn’t learn that pooing on the floor gets him attention.)

The problem with this is that I think I’m making his moving stress worse. He’s been crying the entire time he’s been in the bathroom and smashing into everything. When I go in there, there’s fur everywhere and he hasn’t stopped crying. I’m also worried that he’ll learn to go where the box is now, which will just re-create the problem when I move it to its permanent home.

I feel terrible leaving him in there with no room to play, and I know he’s stressed from not being around me, but I can’t having him using my furniture as his personal toilet. How can I re-litter train my cat without making him even more stressed than he already is, but without losing more sleep doing laundry and floor steam cleaning?

I doubt it’s a medical problem. It began as soon as we moved, and we’ve tried to keep it as consistent as possible (same food, same litter, same feeding schedule,) but he gets stressed very easily, so I’m guessing it’s due to stress. If it continues much longer, I’ll take him to the vet to rule out a medical problem, but I doubt it, just because of the timing and lack of other symptoms of illness.