Should You Be Using Forskolin Supplement For Weight Loss?

Forskolin was first discovered by a Finnish botanist in 1974 as an active component in the coleus forskohlii plant which grows in Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand. Forskolin is derived from the roots of coleus forskohlii. It was used in ancient times as a cure for various medical problems. In 1974 the first clinical trial was performed to check the effectiveness of Forskolin, and since then there have been many research studies conducted. Forskolin was found to be an effective treatment for: cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, angina pectoris, asthma, hypothyroidism, weight loss, urinary tract infections, and other medical conditions.

The latest Forskolin research found Forskolin an effective supplement for weight loss.Forskolin for weight loss how does it work?Forskolin's ingredients increase the cyclic adenosine monophosphate(cAMP) enzyme in our bodies. Increased cAMP enzyme levels elevate the thyroid hormones who aid the process of losing fat. Increased levels of cAmp have been found to lead to fat loss.So far two scientific research studies have proven Forskolin's efficacy:A research conducted in 2005 investigated the effects of Forskolin in 30 obese men. The contestants were divided in two groups of 15 people.

One of the groups was given Forskolin, while the other was taking placebo. Both groups had a BMI over 26. The research lasted 3 months and the end result was the group that was taking Forskolin had a substantial body fat decrements and increased bone mass. The most interesting part of this research, is the group that took Forskolin had bigger testosterone levels after the research than the placebo group.Forskolin an effective treatment for hormonal imbalanceAs we live in a world full of estrogens Forskolin as a potent testosterone booster is an effective treatment for obesity caused by hormonal imbalance.

We come in touch with estrogenic substances daily, and this makes Forskolin a major discovery in the treatment for weight loss. The group that took Forskolin wasn't dieting or doing any calorie restriction during the study. Forskolin is one of the biggest fat loss breakthroughs of the 21 century.The effectiveness of Forskolin in increasing cAMP moleculesA research conducted at the National center for biotechnology information checked the effectiveness of Forskolin in increasing cAMP levels in female rats. The rats were divided in 5 groups. The first group was used for control, while the other 4 groups were on a high fat diet. The third group was on a high fat diet and was taking Forskolin, the fourth group was given Rolipram while following a high fat diet, and the fifth group was taking Forskolin and Rolipram while inducing high fat diet.

The research lasted 10 weeks. The amount of cAMP levels was significantly bigger in the third, fourth, and the fifth group. The fat gain was lower in the groups that were taking Forskolin and Roletam. But, the group that had the least fat gain was the group of rats taking Forskolin in combination with Roletam.Forskolin scientifically proven weight loss methodAccording to these two studies, Forskolin is an agent that promotes fat loss without dieting, and prevents excessive fat gain during a high fat diet. With Forskolin, you can prevent getting morbidly obese, while eating a high fat diet, and you can effectively lose weight on a normal diet without any effort.

How to take Forskolin for weight loss?

Take 250 mg of Forskolin orally twice a day.Side effects of ForskolinSo far no side effects have been found in healthy individuals. Some experts warn people with chronic disease; Forskolin may counter interact with some blood thinning drugs, so people with cardiovascular disease should consult with their cardiologist before taking Forskolin.

Just in case if you are taking any other drugs, consult with your pharmacist or doctor before taking Forskolin.The pros of using Forskoling for weight loss:It leads to weight loss without dieting or calorie restriction.Effectively prevents fat gain on a high fat diet.Forskolin is an excellent supplement for preventing fat gain during the holidays.Forskolin induces fat loss without exercising.It increases testosterone.

The cons of using Forskolin:

The safety of Forskolin with other medication is not well known.It is only tested on healthy individuals.A big step towards finding the cure for obesity was taken with the revelation of Forskolin.

Forskolin for weight loss is an effective supplement for losing weight without doing vigorous training routines or dieting. A combination of Forskolin with other weight loss supplements might be the cure for obesity in the future. Forskolin is also a muscle building supplement as it increases testosterone. Forget about hard weight loss diets and enjoy your life eating the foods, you love and lose weight at the same time with Forskolin.

With Forskolin you can eat whatever you want, how much you want, and still lose weight. Feel better about yourself, and worry less about how much calories you eat daily. Make your life easier with Forskolin, enjoy the health benefits of being fit without effort, and take advantage of what life has to offer with Forskolin. See your muscles growing, and your abdomen shrinking with Forskolin. Enjoy the attention of the opposite sex, and the jealousy of your friends and colleagues.

Take your life to another level with Forskolin and forget how being fat felt like.